Installation of Patient Keeper Mobile App on iOS

Note: Patient Keeper Application requires IOS 9.0 or greater version. Application is compatible with iPhone Generation 4 or greater, iPad, and iPod touch.

1. Turn on iPad or iPhone device. Verify other versions of the Patient Keeper App are not installed in device and uninstall if necessary.

2. Select the App Store icon.

3. Search PK8 in the App Store.

PK8 in the App Store

4. Click the Install icon next to the appropriate application. When prompted type your iTunes password and click the OK button. After loading, the application icon displays on your home screen.

5. Notification Settings – Ensure appropriate Notification Settings are enabled

Settings > Notification > Search for the PK8 App

screenshot of settings screenshot of notifications

6. To Log into PK8

screenshot of PK8 login screen
  • Enter Host Name:
  • Enter your HCA ¾ ID in the Username Field
  • Enter your HCA Password and then select “Login”