America Diabetes Association

Diabetes Self-Management Education & Training

Twin Cities Hospital Diabetes Self-Management Education Program is certified by the American Diabetes Association and is located in the Wellness Center. Our registered dietitian and certified diabetes educator will provide individual assessment and group education opportunities to help you manage your diabetes.

Our program includes:

  • Individual evaluation
  • Blood glucose management training
  • Nutritional counseling and meal planning
  • Medication/insulin administration instruction
  • Complication prevention and intervention
  • Lifestyle education for weight loss, healthy eating, stress management, physical activity and smoking cessation

Nutritional Counseling

In addition to the Diabetes Self-Management Education and Diabetes Prevention Program, Twin Cities Hospital also provides Nutritional Counseling. Available with a physician referral, you can meet with our registered dietitian for various medical therapies such as:

  • Digestive disorders obesity
  • Heart disease
  • Obesity
  • Other related matters

Our registered dietitian will work with you to provide guidance, education, and encouragement to meet your health goals, address dietary restrictions, and improve you and your family's overall health and nutrition.