Welcome to Twin Cities Hospital Ethics and Compliance. For many years Twin Cities Hospital has had an extensive ethics program which includes: defining standards of compliance and conduct; creating awareness of these standards among all our employees, volunteers, vendors and physicians; providing a means to report possible exceptions; monitoring and auditing performance of these standards; and establishing support for this entire effort. Our facility Ethics and Compliance Officer is responsible for this program.

A word from our Ethics & Compliance Officer

Cyndi Ronca

As I come to work each day, I spend a few quiet moments reflecting on what my day will bring. One thing that I know I can count on is that when I walk through the doors at Twin Cities Hospital I will be surrounded by individuals that care deeply about doing the right thing. On a daily basis, our employees are committed to ensuring that whatever their job may be, it’s done to the best of their ability and with the utmost integrity, honesty and dignity.

A part of our Ethics and Compliance Program is a detailed Code of Conduct which all of our employees are educated on at the time of hire and annually thereafter. Our Code of Conduct is a vital part of our culture and the way we do business. At Twin Cities Hospital we pride ourselves in knowing that our patients are receiving the best possible care in the best possible way.

We trust that you will be extremely satisfied with all of the care you receive and the conduct in which our employees conduct themselves, however if you or someone you know ever feels that there is an exception to this standard, I encourage you to contact me personally at 850-678-9509.

Thank you for taking the time to visit our online home and we hope that the next time you are in need of medical services, you will allow our extraordinary staff to provide you with the extraordinary care you deserve!

Cyndi Ronca, SPHR, SHRM-SCP
Human Resources Director/Ethics and Compliance Officer